You may not have extra money in the budget to do a complete kitchen renovation, but you can afford a few changes here and there. First, you would love to change the cabinets and drawers. They’ll look great with a new color and new door handles.
The only problem is you have a lot of furniture pieces in your kitchen that are different splashes of color. They all manage to make the decor look nice, but they are the main reason your kitchen has the shabby chic style.
The bottom line is that you want your kitchen decor to have one main theme. There are a few built-in furniture pieces such as the kitchen breakfast nook, shelving and hutch that have seen better days. They need a fresh new Kitchen respray. You can’t seem to decide how to change your kitchen decor so everything blends into an inviting space that is new, chic and beautiful.


Our Kitchen Respray System is state of the art, It’s more wear resistant and durable than any other painting or repainting services that you will find. We guarantee all our products and services. Our Super Strong Kitchen paint is also environmentally friendly, offering top of the line technology in either a water-based, acid catalyzed, or PU and hybrid systems.


Kitchen Respray

If your cabinets are well built and you like the overall style, why pay such a high cost in money and time to replace them? Kitchen respray will make them look new at a fraction of the cost and in much less time. It could be the way to go to get your new kitchen looking great without busting your budget.

Professionals at Kitchen Respray can help provide the kitchen you have always wanted, but for a fraction of the cost. A quick consultation will provide all needed information on how to get rid of your outdated kitchen and change it into a stylish beauty. Not only can we change your cabinets via a kitchen respray, but we can respray your table and chairs as well.


Furniture spray

Spray painting furniture is one of the best ways to refurbish it. You will truly be surprised and happy at the amount of improvement that can be achieved just by spray painting. Spray painting furniture does prove to be advantageous for painting your furniture. If you don’t have the time or expertise to handle the job yourself, you should always leave it to the professionals at Furniture

Countertop Resurfacing

Keep in mind that kitchens sell homes, and what you think is just a little countertop blemish could be the reason why your home is not selling. Repair the blemish and get more lucrative offers for your home. Opting for a countertop respray is the best way to repair your damaged countertops without having to replace them.

Besides, the process is simple and convenient. It is a one-day process that takes a few hours to complete. Once everything is completed, your kitchen countertops will look brand new. Choose from beautiful spray colors such as Cappucino, Brownstone, Nightspots, Onyx, Safari Tan, Summit Gray or even Balmoral Red. These are all colors that will appeal to future homebuyers. It will give your kitchen a fresh new look and make buyers feel like your home is worth your asking price.